Our story began in 2017. Danny Lang had the idea to generate a community where athletes can promote themselves. Sponsors and athletes should profit by being able to connect easy on one platform. the mission was to achieve that also athletes with little financial resources can reach their goal to become successful

In 2018 we started lean. Due to the lack of developer support in the beginning we prototyped the idea and founded a media production. We got to know the target group and had a productive time on several race tracks in the world. Unfortunately, the need among the target groups was not significant enough for us to pursue the idea further. The willingness of the people to deviate from the current approach was too little for us to take the risk.

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Social Media

As part of the early team I grew into the challenges and tasks that laid ahead of us. I took over the social media account to engage with the community. I took them on our journey and let them feel near to the athletes we worked with. i also took over the organization of the photographers and videographers on the race track to ensure that all essential content was produced.

Content creation

Team MatchUp