The smart-home assistant

6th term, winter 2017/ 18
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Oli Problem Plot

We‘re always told that the most accidents happens at home. It‘s a continuing social problem. The risk increases with age and the average age of society is rising. The risk of accidents can be reduced a little, but due to carelessness and overestimation accidents still happen.

But the main problem is the lack of quick help especially when people live alone. If someone is falling he has to stay lying on the floor with injuries and have to wait for someone to help, sometimes for a few days. That can have a devastating effect on his quality of life.


The idea was to create a character that appears like a friend instead of an enemy. Oli‘s spherical body, half fabric and half transparent, seems very light and promotes the flying function. The rotors are hidden for more safety. The technical components shape the friendly face of the assistent and refers to his name.

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The smart system detects if an accident happens. Then Oli can react specific on every situation by talking to the person. He can call the emergency, notify members or give advices to get up safety. Oli also can detect safety gaps and warn before something happens.

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Stay safe with Oli