SEMESTER 3, Summer 2016

„hacks“ a technical principal with playful cleverness. The task was to design a prototype out of real materials including this technical principal.

Use rotationonal movement to develop a breathing exercise to reduce stress and clear the mind.


Stress and pressure accompanies all our lives. Our minds wander and lose focus. We all hurry from one meeting to the next, constantly checking or e-mails and making calls. We never breathe freely.

INSPIRATION Practices such as meditation have provided a means to look inward. The practitioner is instructed to keep his attention on a single object, often the physical sensations of breathing. While focusing on your breathing, your worries and stress fade away, and you will be able focus mentally.

saans first picture
first picture

THE BREATHING EXERCISE Two plates constantly revolve around their own axes in the same direction. The plates each look different, but when they come together at the starting position they result in a symbol. As soon as the rotation begins, the symbol disappears until the movement is completed in one whole rotation. Every time the symbol appears, you must alternate your breathing motion.

meditation space.jpg

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